By Stephen Tool, MCIN Staff

The 6th Street School, currently leased to Green Energy Nevada LLC, for the purpose of renovation with the intent to train prospective associates is currently mired in red tape.

Because of issues with Pool/Pact, the insurance company for the building, and Belfor, a disaster recovery and property restoration company working with Pool/Pact, the planned GEN building renovation is currently dead in the water.

Pool/Pact insists on dealing strictly with Balfor although the company’s repair rates were significantly higher than those of local contractors.

To make matters worse, Belfour left their equipment inside the building making it virtually impossible for anyone else to proceed with repair work.

At a recent school board meeting, Mark Nixon and other board members accused both Pool/Pact and Belfor of causing several more times damage to the building than what the original damage claim entailed (a claim Pool/Pact denied).

Nixon said the school board had specifically voted for and requested Pool/Pact at least try local contractors to repair the building damage more than a year ago.

Nixon said Belfor had exacerbated water damage by its poorly executed methods of containing leaking water drainage and the company then put in what Nixon thought was an excessively high bid to repair damage to the roof.

Asbestos and mold were excluded in the insurance policy, unless the mold was specifically caused by disaster damage,

Surprisingly, the companies cut holes in the low-level asbestos tile floor, which also compromised water containment, causing more damage.

“If those items are excluded, why cut holes in the tile floor compromising capsulation of the asbestos, and opening up for water penetration?” Nixon said. “We need to move forward with this.

“It’s been several months and enough is enough. The school board just voted to have our district attorney write a letter to Pool/Pact and their claim managers so we can resolve this dispute.”