By Stephen Tool, MCIN Staff

The process of Green Energy Nevada becoming a part of the Hawthorne community is moving right along, according to Mineral County Economic Development Authority Executive Director Shelley Hartmann.

“The development agreement draft (the agreement between GEN and the county for developing the land GEN is buying from the county) didn’t get out until the day of the last commissioner’s meeting because GEN has so much going on and so much property moving,” she said.

GEN asked for, and received, a two-week extension to go back through the development agreement. Hartmann anticipates the agreement should meet commissioner approval during the week of April 13.

Hartmann also said GEN sent letters to prospective employees to get training started although Hartmann was unsure of whether the 6th Street school building fitness issue would reach resolution in time.

“We’re starting with 15 employees, so if need be, we can train them here at the Job Connection,” Hartmann said. “The good news is that GEN has made its decision to do business here, they’ve got an address here, and they’ve moved all their corporate addresses here. They’re not going anywhere.”