On Feb. 25-27, the Hawthorne Army Depot Fire Department had the opportunity to host a Rope Rescue Instructor at the Depot. The lead instructor for the course was Ed Tomany from the State of Nevada Mine Rescue and Training Section and coordinated by local Assistant Chief Ken Little.

Several members of the Barrick—Cortez Mine Rescue Team from Elko County were able to cross train with members of the Depot Fire Department on many aspects of rope rescue techniques which involved both classroom and hands on training sessions.

Some of the topics covered over this three days of rigorous training were: rope strengths, knots and applications. Anchor construction, picket systems, strength, critical angles and loads. Pulley use and efficiencies. Mechanical advantages, construction and uses. Edge protection, patient packaging with both vertical and horizontal raise and lower applications. Tower operations, tripod construction. High line and telpher line construction including limits and safety factors with critical loads.

The training was conducted with a high degree of professionalism and emphasis on both victim and rescue personnel safety.

This was a great opportunity for both groups to cross train with each other and learn from each other from different perspectives. The participants came away with a great knowledge of different  applications and many friendships were made during the training. Plans are in place to invite the mine rescue team back for a Hazardous Materials Technician Course in May of this year.