By Courtney Oberhansli

Mineral County Library recently received a certificate of appreciation from NASA’s Space Place. The Space Place, a public education and outreach program with a website found at, is a joint effort by NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, and International Technology and Engineering Education Association.

Mineral County Library is listed on this website as one of their community partners. As a community partner our library has a special display board with beautiful Space Place borders, and a varying collection of NASA posters, stickers, and lithographs, supplemented with space themed bookmarks and books on space from our local collection. The library receives a newsletter and themed materials to make quarterly updates to the display board.

Laura Lincoln, Communication Coordinator for NASA’s Space Place stated in her letter that accompanied the certificate:  “As an active NASA Space Place community partner and by hosting our NASA display in your facility, you encourage science and technology education among visitors and throughout your community.”

Be sure to come in and see the display. Also, check the site out ( to explore fun facts, videos, and pictures; find fun activities to do; and play games and puzzles. Try your hand at the tetris-like “Satellite Insight” game – it’s fun! While exploring the site, be sure to go to the “About Us” tab and click on “Community Partners” to find this local library listed.