Special thanks to Mineral County students for participating in the domestic violence poetry contest in October, and Principal Domogola for encouraging the students.

Also thank you to the Mineral County Sheriff’s Association and Deputy Hults assisting with the contest and providing prizes.

Winners of the Domestic Violence poetry contest.

• First Place: Shanoa Clevenger-“She Lied to the World”

• Second Place: Kaylinn Alger-“There is Always Hope”

• Third Place: Taylor McFalls- “Stop Bullying”

These are the poems by Mineral County Students


She Lied to the World

By Shanoa Clevenger

She lied to the world about her husband everyday

She lied to her mother “everything is okay”

She lied to her brother “bar fight with Zoey”

She did all this showing he was fine

But inside she was losing her mind

She lied to Joey a close friend “fell on a chair”

But you always saw one eye cause of her hair

One dark morning she was found in her bed

Cold, still, could she be dead

It was obvious she was

They looked at her head

A bullet hole that was when she was presumed dead

The police came in and dragged her our

In jail he began to pout

She put me here he said voice tick with disdain

His cell mate said, “you will know your pain”

There she lay in the cold dark ground

Knowing there were more women to be found


There is Always Hope

By Kaylinn Alger

You can only hide the bruises

Behind weak lies and excuses

You carry the burden of shame

Feeling alone and to blame

You allow the violence with you continued silence

He makes you feel you are undeserving

You don’t know

His motives are self-serving

If you can resist

His iron fist

There is someone

You can call to assist

There is someone on your side

They can help rebuild your pride

Call your local

Domestic Violence Advocate

They can explain your options,

They can educate


Stop Bullying

By Taylor McFalls

Means, disrespectful

Harming, hurting, beating

Harsh, cruel, nice, joyful

Encouraging, loving, helping

Good, faithful