New Sheriff

I wish the best of luck to our new sheriff, Stewart Handte. It’s going to be a difficult position, for I know most police departments are working out of budgets they can hardly breathe out of. The Sheriff has to balance the budget. But what I would like in a sheriff is a good internal disciplinarian.

Citizens seem to think that police will cover up for misconduct from a fellow police officer. In that respect, they are wrong. Police have had to arrest other police before, and it certainly won’t be the last time.

I used to be a sergeant with a private security firm, in charge of our own patrol unit, with police equipped patrol cars. I often times hired reserve police officers.

One though he was going to report for work drunk; drive my patrol vehicle around. I called his own boys, the county police, who arrested him for DUI, took him to jail. He was kicked off the reserves over it. Another reserve I was instrumental in firing over insurance fraud. After I left that firm, I was under contract to the Federal Police for five years and the BLM police for one year.

Being contract, I was not a full-fledged cop. I passed a Federal Police entrance exam, training with firearms. The only thing I could not write charges for was moving violations. I wrote a DEA agent for parking violations. There as a two hour limit in parking at the Federal Building. He thought because he was DEA and had to spend the day in court he could violate parking regulations. I had his car towed away and confiscated his weapon he haphazardly laid on the front seat.

To this day, he still thinks he is going to sue me. Stand in line, everyone else wants to sue me as well.

In short, what I am saying is that I want the public to be safe from drunken road killers out there, but also from a drunken police officer behind the wheel of his patrol car. A sheriff should be in touch with his boys on the street level, not be so aloof in his office.

Jon T. Johnson