What ought you to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season?

Many things, no doubt. At the same time consider what the Apostle Paul wrote, “I thank my God whenever I remember you,” (Philippians 1:3)

Thanksgiving season need not be just one day, the last Thursday in November, but spread out over the remainder of the holiday season as well.

Pastors and speakers in church often talk about the need for Christ-followers to be thankful for many things. To rise above the current difficult times we are all experiencing and resist the temptation to see the holiday season as just another opportunity to be self-focused and self-indulgent. But do allow yourself a little bit of chocolate now and then. Just a little bit, though.

Thanksgiving isn’t just about eating to the brink of explosion, shopping to the brink of bankruptcy or binge watching the TV.

Thanksgiving for the person who loves God can be so much more.

Here’s a simple way in which it can. Don’t allow yourself to be completely focused on THINGS, i.e., food, finances, the house, the car, clothes, your favorite football teams, and so on. Important? To some degree. Just don’t get so carried away with all of that you miss the boat on giving thanks for the biggest blessings God has given all of us…PEOPLE.

Consider how empty, purposeless and meaningless our lives would be without relationships? Relationships have shaped who we are and who we are becoming. Without exception you have been influenced, either positively or negatively, by someone else somewhere along the line.

Regardless of whatever that was, take a few minutes for reflection. Thank God for the relationships in your life, this year and past years, too. You just might find some real treasures there. Happy Thanksgiving.