Dear Editor,

I could not believe the front page of last week’s paper. Front page news about some perverted old coot opening a whorehouse in Mina. The harlots were being revered for their extra-marital activities. Isn’t that also called infidelity? What in the world are the new owners of this paper trying to do? They have little kids out peddling this smut for them. It reminds me of those [obscene] pamphlets passed out on the Las Vegas Strip.

Just a couple of weeks earlier it was a huge write up about an ex-brothel employee that has a little burger shop in Mina. It is good to know the “girls” are checked regularly, but not after every customer.

Aids, syphilis, hepatitis and numerous other venereal diseases can still be contracted between the checkups. Comparing the whores to nurses was absolutely an insult to the nursing profession. I have to question the morality and ethics of the writer and his fascination with the Mina whores. I would be a bit worried if I were if I were the writer’s significant other. Surely I’m not the only person that has noticed the decline of our little town’s paper.

Editor’s Note: The letter was edited to remove graphic content.

D.J. Hinton, Mina

Dear Editor.

A disappointing choice was made in selecting the front page above the fold article in The Mineral County Independent News from Aug. 15. The choice showed either disregard or misunderstanding of the character and values of the people of Mineral County.

The general citizenship of this county has been misrepresented. How much more appropriate would have been the article honoring Mr. Arlo K. Funk or the article detailing the Torpedo Donated to Fleet Reserve Association by the Hawthorne Ordinance Museum, or the page on the Bodie Days celebration.

Appropriate regards,
Carole Mortensen

Dear Editor,

Even our newspaper carries blight or can cause it, see the Aug. 15 paper. The coverage on the Mina whore house was so detailed and graphic for front page news; I thought it belonged on a porno rack.

Vic’s Pics, which are beautiful, appear near the back of the paper and this trashy news took front page coverage.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Mary Esterby