The Consolidated Agency for Human Services office is now taking sign-ups for the September Active Parenting Workshops. Please call if you are interested or have to take the workshop.

These workshops are for parents of children from birth to 17-years old and expectant parents. The cost of the workshop is $12, which will include a parent guide book and a completion certificate.

If you are a parent or an expectant parent, you have an important job. Your job is to protect your child. You also have a job to teach your child. Your child cannot survive or learn by themselves. They need your help.

Kids are special. You are special. So we are offering workshops that will help you learn the skills and tools necessary to build courage, character, and self esteem; to answer questions you may have; and help you seek additional help if needed.

Learn the styles of parenting; learn about ages and stages; how to prevent a problem; how to child-proof the house; and about age appropriate toys. Learn how to make better decisions; build on your child’s strengths; love and nurture them. We are inviting you to come and hang out and be a part of this wonderful opportunity to learn the skills and tools necessary to build an awesome relationship with your child.

Your job as a parent is unique. You can help them be a responsible person who can take care of themselves and others when they grow up. You are the best person for this job. By being the parent they need.

RSVP at 945-2471 our hours of operation are Monday- Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

After hours please leave a message with your information.

We look forward into hearing from you.