From the MCIN archives 

10 Years Ago 

  • A small piece of Hawthorne folklore was closed on February 24 when the infamous tunnel in the parking lot of the El Capitan was forever closed with concrete. 
  • The legendary “house of ill repute” Wild Kat Ranch, located in Mule Town, outside of Mina, has seen better days. The once active establishment now sits barren. No cars or semi-trucks fill their empty parking lots. 
  • Supporters of the Hawthorne Army Depot are taking a proactive stance against a possible Base Realignment and Closure Commission in 2013 and 2015. 

20 Years Ago 

  • Mary Millis is selected to fill the position of Postmaster at the Gabbs Post Office, effective March 9. She has been an employee of the Postal Service for 3 1/2 years, serving as a window and Distribution Clerk. She has fulfilled the obligation of Postmaster in the Hawthorne and Luning Post Offices . 
  • Bids for the airport improvement at the Hawthorne Airport are being sought. Upgrades include realignment of Bonanza Road, lengthening over lay of the runways overlay of existing taxiways among other amenities. • Work continued at the Mineral County Tourism and Information Center, located at 5th and C Street. 

30 Years Ago 

  • Mike Sevon, fisheries biologist at the Nevada Department of Fish & Game announced a fish planting program would begin at Walker Lake. The first planting of 150,000 small cutthroat trout came from the federal hatchery in Gardnerville, and was to be followed by additional plantings from the state hatcheries. 
  • The newly organized Mineral County BMX Association was completing their new track at the Hawthorne Centennial Speedway. The county road department furnished the heavy equipment to construct the track. 

40 Years Ago 

  • The county commissioners were “trimming” the 1982-1983 budget in order to bring projected expenditures within the spending “cap” set by the legislature. Dave Ebner, the county’s fiscal consultant, told the commissioners that they have done well to bring the budget into balance. 
  • Miss Robin Miller, daughter of Lynda and Virgil Miller, won the Hawthorne Lions Club annual speaking contest with her speech “Freedom and Its Responsibility”. 
  • Chet Piazzo attended the annual father and son spaghetti dinner at the Hawthorne Elks Hall. Piazzo presented a slideshow on his hunting and fishing safari to Cuba . 

50 Years Ago 

  • A state legislator was told that a task force should be created to study environmental problems at Walker Lake. The state water engineer predicted that the study would help discover if the lake could be preserved at the current level by curtailing upstream water use. 
  • Jerry Martin was selected as chairman of the County Democratic Central Committees. 
  • Postmaster Catherine McKenna at the Hawthorne post office announced that the postal service would be initiating a 60 day test of a system to speed up letters and packages. 
  • Eric Barton of Hawthorne won a touch boxing match at the University of Nevada in Reno. 

60 Years Ago 

  • Sidney Weitsman of Los Angeles met with local businessmen to discuss the feasibility of establishing a garment factory in the Hawthorne area. 
  • Ensign Randall, flying an AB Skyraider out of Fallon, bailed out of his jet over Schurz and landed unhurt on Highway 95. The plane crashed in a pasture near Walker River and was reported to be demolished. • Announced as a “Sure Sign of Spring” the Frosty Shop announced its opening on March 1. 

70 Years Ago 

  • Three men and four bottles of wine were discovered in an automobile parked in the middle of Highway 95, one mile south of the Yerington cutoff. The driver of the vehicle was fined $50 and was told that he could only drive to work and back for one week. 
  • The basement and foundation was poured at the new Presbyterian Church on the corner of 7th and F Street. 
  • Robert Spears and Kenneth Dor discovered a burlap bag in the back of the Babbitt dumps and found that the bag contained two sticks of dynamite. • Laurence Ingram, a 53-year old miner lost his life when his cabin that was located behind the Silver Bar in Luning was destroyed by fire. 

80 Years Ago 

  • Wendell Nelson of Fallon was a low bidder on a contract to construct a sewage disposal plant in Hawthorne. 
  • Hawthorne was jolted by two earthquakes. 
  • The Hawthorne High Serpents defeated Smith Valley and took the lead in the Western B Conference. The local girls basketball team lost to the Smith Valley girls. 

90 Years Ago 

  • Major League Baseball players had to take a cut in pay as a measure to combat the depression. One sports writer suggested that the players organize and demand a reduction in playing time to seven innings games. 
  • A Garner for President Club was organized in Reno to support Speaker of the House John Nance Garner in his campaign for president on the Democratic ticket. 
  • Two engineers who were officials in the army reserve in Oakland, California flew to get a first hand view of the new ammunition depot built by the Navy. Colonel O. J. Johnson and Major W. Baker made the flight from Oakland and navy “Hell- Diver” airplanes piloted by Ensign S. M. Bancroft and Ensign George Dixon. The Curtiss two seater planes as “Fighters” but proved too heavy for that purpose and were re-designed as observation planes.
  • Smedley Butler, an outspoken ant controversial Marine Corps general (retired) filed for the U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania.