County Commissioners discussed the new Directive 52 at their last board meeting. Governor Sisolak Feb. 10, as reported in an article in the Las Vegas ReviewJournal, announced he was lifting the statewide mandate that protective masks must be worn in indoor public places, much to the delight of many residents statewide.

However, the article said that school districts and businesses can still use their own discretion to require masks if they so choose, but most likely will do away with the masks.

Pat Hughes, County Emergency Director said the Directive essentially rescinds the state mandate for wearing masks as had been ordered many months ago in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said that hospitals and nursing homes that answer to other state offices will keep the mask wearing mandate in effect.

Hughes said while the lifting of the mask mandate also applies to schools. County, private, and district schools will be required to submit a plan to their local health authorities and have it submitted by Feb. 27. He said the reason for submitting the plan is to be prepared with policies and procedures should there be an unexpected outbreak of cases in the school or the district.

The Commission board discussed the issue further and decided what they wanted to do in the county offices and businesses in the county.

Hughes recommended to the board that they abide by Directive 52.

Commission members were in favor of doing this, but did say they would leave it up to the schools, and county offices and employees as to whether to continue wearing masks or not, making it now a point of personal choice. Commission chair Christine Hoferer said she was in favor of the action and said, “Let’s give this a shot, and if people want to continue to wear them, go right ahead and any of our local businesses are free to do so or not.” “From what I’m hearing,” she said, “We’re just going to go along with the State and CDC guidelines.”

Since the lifting of the mask mandate does not apply to hospitals and nursing facilities, officials at the Lefa Seran Nursing SNF facility in Hawthorne are still asking that the staff and employees at the Nursing home continue to wear masks when they are working in the dining room and close to people and working close to each other. It is also requested that visitors to the Nursing home wear masks when they are visiting a resident there.

Commissioner Curtis Schlepp moved that the mask wearing mandate be relaxed and they would comply with the guidelines of the Governor’s Directive 52. The motion was approved unanimously.