The Armed Forces Day (AFD) Committee needs volunteers. Please consider volunteering for an hour or two at one or more events. Many hands make light work for all and allow committee members to enjoy some of the festivities. The AFD Committee is looking for younger community members to train for a year or two with the current event chairpeople before they depart for—other realms. 

Since this is an election year, candidates are making the rural rounds. Based on past experience, the parade will be longer than last year. Perhaps some of the local service groups can volunteer as a group. 

  • Volunteers are needed to direct parade entrants to lineup spaces and bring them out in order onto Main St. at the start of the parade. You get to see the entrants before anyone else does! 
  • Get muddy so local kids can have a blast! Help with youth games and sports like mud tug-of-war and mud volleyball or a video game tournament. 
  • Man the AFD t-shirt and information table Friday or Saturday. It’s in the thick of the main vendor area and the best spot to watch the parade. 
  • Volunteers are needed to put the parade and vendor packets together and get them ready to mail. A week before the AFD event, the applications need to be separated into piles for distribution and assignment of entry numbers. If you can spare an hour or two in the next week and, again, after the parade entry and vendor application deadlines, to separate them out, please call AFD Committee Chairperson Gloria Lopez at 775-945-0561. 

There are many other tasks that will start coming up as the celebration grows near. Specific event chairs will be looking for friends, family and community members to help at the events they are coordinating. 

Remember, “It takes all of us!”