By Dave Maxwell 


Mineral County Commission chair Chris Hegg confirmed this week there will not be a pool season this summer.  

He reported, “We got a new pump filter system installed and working. But with the season down to 4 weeks at best and the governor may go back to Phase 1 before that. Plus we could not muster plans that fit state requirements for body count or  separation with staff levels we have.” 

Commissioners were waiting a little bit longer into the Phase 2 program for the reopening of many facilities around the state and maybe moving to Phase 3 at the end of June, but the recent uptick in the number of COVID-19 cases has caused a setback in many avenues of public life.

On Monday, KLAS-TV in Las Vegas reported, “Governor Steve Sisolak announced that Nevada would remain in Phase 2 of the “Nevada United: Roadmap to Recovery plan,” which is consistent with public remarks the Governor made late last week during a news conference. The governor is also signing an emergency directive extending the length of Phase 2 through the end of July. He said the extension of Phase 2 is also being done to see the impacts of the Governor’s new face-covering directive.”

County Parks and Recreation Coordinator Christina Boyles had said several weeks ago she was hoping for a reopening July.

Commissioner Christine Hoferer during the June 17 meeting thought it would be better to “wait two or three more weeks before making any decision to open the pool and talk about how things look.”  

Then at the special meeting June 25, Commissioners decided not to reopen the pool. 

Boyles said, “After the governor’s new directive about wearing face masks everywhere in public and how that would affect our employees, etc.  I was really kind of holding out for a Phase 3, but that is going to be postponed for who knows how long.”

She continued, “I had not hired lifeguards as yet and have not been able to train any new ones, so even if an opening of the pool had been approved, it would have taken me a week or two to get people hired and ready to go. That would just leave us such a short time, since our closing date is August 15 with kids going back to school and/or college, the pool season would just be so short.”  

Boyles had said earlier she was disappointed at not being able to open this spring as hoped. “I had a number of activities for the kids planned, including the pool, that have come to a screeching halt.”

And now it appears all will remain that way for the summer.