Dear Editor,

I just read the article titled “Nevada History – Native American artifacts can be found almost anywhere”. I don’t know if you think this is funny, but to me it is one of the most disrespectful articles I have ever read in your newspaper.

Being a Native Paiute and a resident of this county, this goes to show that discrimination, disrespect and verbal assault is alive and well in Mineral County. I just can’t believe that you printed this.

Elveda Martinez


Dear Editor,

I have to disagree with Wade Barton that I write left wing diatribe. Diatribe is forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something. The only time I have experienced diatribe here in Hawthorne is when I talked with a Trump supporter and was verbally abused myself. I was nervous and backed away carefully as I thought it might get physical.

For some people verbal abuse is a pattern of behavior used intentionally to control or manipulate others or to get revenge. This definition sticks out like a sore thump with our President. The number of people verbally abused by our President has increased daily as he has no respect for anyone. This is plain-as-day to see but unfortunately too many people look the other way.

I have been a registered Republican, Democrat and NPA over the years and my opinion has always been personal not political. I support the middle class and the very poor and believe the rich should pay a fair tax and not pay zero every year. I believe everyone should have affordable health care especially people with pre-existing conditions. I believe the environment could be our downfall if we don’t start cleaning up the earth and the air. I believe in world peace and no more useless wars. I could go on-and-on listing things that need to be taken care of and I know that nothing will get done for our country with this President in office and Republicans in control of the Senate. I still haven’t got a good answer from anyone why they would vote for this President again and I couldn’t even guess why. Our ancestors left Europe and other areas around the world to escape Monarchs and Dictators so let us not disappoint them. Also I need to ask, did you pay for your letter to the editor Wade?

Bud Twilling   


Dear Editor,

All I want is to see more loyalty to this country and its people. Electrical component parts from Motorola, out of Southern California, to place on land mines made in communist China.

Many American boys have been blown up by them. We Viet Nam veterans knew that, when Nixon Vietnamized the war. Our weaponry given to the South Vietnamese would be sold on the black market to the communist North Vietnamese.

The same will happen if we give arms to South America. Amongst the rebels, Che Guevara is still much alive. Before he was executed, he mass murdered a lot of people. He was a very cruel man and a sadistic doctor.

Mr. Employer doesn’t care if he has a plant full of illegals as long as they can do laborious work keep the books out of the red. I’ve worked in industrial plants where there were jobs a guy in a wheelchair could do. But a disabled vet can’t work his way in, they have to wait behind an illegal who has seniority.

I did not volunteer to go to Vietnam for the love of any politician. I went because I wanted to help my fellow Americans. I’ve already proved my loyalty and love for my county. I bled for it. I put blood where politicians put their mouths. And I would do it again.

So fellow Americans lets show more loyalty to one another.

Jon T. Johnson