20 Years Ago – Residents Share Photos Of Hunting Success- 12 year old Tommy Martinez with his nice 3-point buck. Tommy had a great time hunting this year and can’t wait for next year.

10 Years Ago

  • 2009 Nevada Motor Vehicles Fatalities Lowest in More Than 20 Years- 2009 Nevada traffic fatalities were the lowest in more than 20 years, thanks in part to multi-agency safety initiatives. Since 1977, Nevada has had only one year (1986) that had a lower number of traffic fatalities than the 243 people killed in 2009. The last year that Nevada had fewer than one million people in population was 1986. For comparison there were 23.4 fatalities for every 100,000 people in Nevada in 1986. In 2009 that rate was 8.4 people. “This decline in fatalities is due to several factors, foremost the partnership agencies throughout the state that conduct engineering, enforcement, education, and emergency medical systems solutions to combat the problem.” Says the Director of the Nevada Department of Safety. “In addition, car manufacturers are making safer cars, and people are driving less during this recessionary economy.”
  • About United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra- Untied Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra brings the community together to identify our most pressing needs. Produce measurable results, and thereby, improve lives. United Way of Northern Nevada and Sierra is achieving meaningful impact here in our community. We use our expertise and knowledge through innovative funding of programs and initiatives that have positive influence on the people of Northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe communities.

20 Years Ago

  • Did You Have too Much Food Purchased For The Y2K Bug Kit?- Many residents purchased extra food just in case the predicted Y2K bug caused problems. The Consolidated Agency of Human Survived was happy to take the extra donations for their food bank distribution.

30 Years Ago

  • Attendance: Is It a Problem? – High truancy rate and low attendance at Mineral County High School had become a problem. Students felt they could miss as many days as they wanted since the state legislature removed the 15 day rule. Several students faced losing credits because they missed so many days. Teachers were having problems caused by the lack of attendance. Just getting make-up work from students had become a major problem. Some students thought if they missed a day, they would have four to five days to turn in their make-up work, instead of the standard one day allowance. Compared to the previous year numbers of days missed, the truancy rate was up and so was the number of drop outs.

40 Years Ago

  • HWAAP Tax Discussion Draws Crowd- The complications, ramifications and limitations involved in establishing a valuation base for the assessment of Nevada Possessory Use Tax on property owned by the federal government but leased or contracted to private industry for profit was explained to a large group of officials and residents that met at the courthouse. Because the tax factor will be effective in event the Hawthorne Army Ammunition Plant was “contracted out” to a private operator, several sessions had been held by country, state and Army officials seeking to resolve the tax situation over the last several months. This session was conducted in Hawthorne for the purpose of informing all interested citizens the procedure used in determining the tax base.
  • Extra Help In Unloading Beer TruckWhen a wholesale beer truck stopped to make their delivery at the Legion Hall the driver was given assistance in lightening his load, but not with his approval. While he was in the building two local men were believed to have transferred some of the cargo to a pickup. One man was held in custody by the sheriff’s office and one other suspect was believed to have been involved, officers reported.

50 Years Ago

  • Fireman’s Annual Dance- It was announced that the Fireman’s Annual Dance would take place for the members of the Hawthorne Volunteer Fire Department. Members were completing plans for the 30th anniversary of the dance which would take place in a few weeks. Tickets for the dance were sold by fireman. The annual dance was the only fundraising event sponsored each year by the firemen, and all proceeds were used to purchase necessary equipment and supplies to maintain an efficient fire department for the fire protection of the community. Services of volunteers were not limited to fire protection for they also provided the community with emergency ambulance service throughout the year.
  • Local Elementary School Lost Enrollment of 28 Students- Because of the decrease in enrollment in the primary grades of 28 students, the second grade position would not be filled after the former teacher took maternity leave. A rearrangement of five sections of grade two were made with the students of second grade, section three, absorbed into sections one, two, four and five with section three being eliminated. After this reorganization took place, no section had more than 28 students. Indications were likely to show that there would be more withdrawals of students because of the decreasing employment at the Naval Ammunition Depot.

60 Years Ago

  • Post Office at Luning in New Location- The Luning Post Office had moved from the Houghton Building, where it has been located for more than 20 years. The postmaster, Mrs. Yolanda Tolloday, has bought the Adolph Larsen building formerly operated as a rooming house, as had moved the post office to that building. Patrons of the Luning office find the change quite an improvement. The new office had many more mail boxes and a much larger lobby.

70 Years Ago

  • More People Use Air Mail in Hawthorne- Since the start of the “all mail, air mail” program in this community just last week this year, the volume of air mail leaving the Hawthorne post office had shown a marked increase. Not only had the actual amount of air mail increased, but the community residents had displayed a greater tendency to meet the dispatching deadlines for the various air mail flights, it was stated. This community wide program of greater use of air mail was inaugurated in the last week by public spirited citizens in order to give Hawthorne citizens greater rating throughout the country as an airminded city.
  • Two Jobs on Pole Line Road Included in the 1950 Budget- If the Nevada State Highway Department carries out proposed construction projects listed in its tentative budget for the calendar year 1950, two sections of the Pole Line Road, totaling more than 18miles, will be built this year. One sector, a distance of 13.76 miles, is carried over from the 1949 budget because no contract was awarded during the past year, and the new item in the budget is a 5.8 mile leg to close the gap between the present finished section of highway and the California state line.

80 Years Ago

  • Report More Wire Stolen- Mineral County Power System officials in Hawthorne reported the loss of a quantity of copper wire believed to have been stolen from the system’s idle transmission line leading to the Simon Mining District. Following an investigation of the reported theft, the superintendent said that approximately nine spans of wire had been removed from the power line poles near Simon. No trace of those responsible for the theft had been discovered just yet.
  • The Weekend Special at The Golden Key Drug Store was one quart of ice cream with one tin chocolate syrup or fudge, for 49 cents.

90 Years Ago

  • Copper Showing ImprovementsMato Gregovic was in from the Miller Copper Enterprise on the west shore of Walker Lake this week for provisions and supplies. Mr. Gregociv reports the encounter of excellent grade copper ore on the Copper Dome claim upon which he was now doing the location work. The Copper Dome claim extends back into the mountain from the Joe Derig locations.