Large Belt Stolen at Lucky Boy MinePreliminary work at the Lucky Boy mine, preparatory to sinking the “winze” in the Miller Tunnel, has been greatly hindered through the absence of the belt and control that drives the air compressor. The belt was practically new and in addition to being expensive was of special design, necessitating a considerable loss of time in its replacement.

10 Years Ago

  • Healthy Ideas- Parents can look for the new educational icon starting this year on the majority of cough medicines to be more aware of the issue of cough medicine abuse among teens. At www., they can access resources they need to talk to their teen about the issue.
  • Learn About the Radon Health Risk in Mineral County- January is National Radon Action Month, and the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Radon Education program offered a radon presentation. Included in said presentation was information about radon, the health risks associated with radon and the results of area testing. Radon is a naturally occurring, invisible, odorless and tasteless gas that is dispersed in outdoor air but can reach harmful levels when trapped in buildings. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that radon cause more than 20.000 lung cancer deaths per year. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. after smoking and the leading cause of lunch cancer among nonsmokers.

20 Years Ago

  • Lt. Governor Praises Local Restoration Project- Lt. Governor Lorraine Hunt called the restoration, renovation and adaptive use of the historically significant 6th Street School in Hawthorne “one of many outstanding restoration rescue missions that are so vital in preserving Nevada’s diamonds in the rough. Historically significant buildings such as this are truly a cause worth fighting for.” In a letter to the restoration coordinator, the lieutenant governor said “You and your community are to be commended for the tremendous efforts to preserve part of our Nevada heritage. Hard work is paying off. Keep up the good work! Your dedication and service is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your enthusiasm and involvement in the future of Nevada. I will support this cause whenever possible.”
  • Serpent Boys Basketball Was in Full Swing- The Mineral County Serpents Boys Basketball team had a bit of a rocky start to their season, but over weeks leading up until now, they have improved tremendously. The serpents were led by Seniors: Erick Bales, Chris Erickson, Tremayne Reed, Paul Trujillo and Jared West; reinforcements come from Juniors: Chris Harrington and Rashad Martinez; and Sophomores: Avinash Bhakta, Matt Koscinski and Matt Anderson. “As a team we have matured a lot of the past weeks. We got some wins in the Bishop Tournament which was a great confidence booster,” said Coach Statzer. “We are a team that needs leadership and lately we have been looking to Erick Bales. For this team to successful this year we must become more disciplined on the floor and create less turnovers,” he added.

30 Years Ago

  • Computer Clerical Training Available for Rehab Clients- Computer based clerical training is now available for vocational rehabilitation clients in rural Nevada. Through a cooperative effort between Goldfield High School and the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation in Hawthorne, two Goldfield women are beginning typing and word processing training on a lap top computer. This computer was about the size of a personal typewriter with all of the computing power of much larger computers found in home and offices.
  • It Was A Jolt- Hawthorne residents were given a lift shortly before 10 o’clock this first Saturday morning of the year when “mother earth” decided to send the old year out with a bang, While not of the usual shake, rattle and roll type of earthquake, the jolt Saturday was definitely a jolt as it seemed to come from “down under” and with little or no aftershock. Only damage reported was to nerves of residents, old and new, who are allergic to sudden, unannounced earth movements.

40 Years Ago

  • Women Today- Spring fashions are being shown in New York and the collections offer a variety of looks. Short and sassy was the newest look in skirts as lengths inch up above the knee. Dresses have various shapes, from the liquid chemise to the super frilly, little girl look. Evening dresses resemble the short cocktail dresses of yester year. Pants are getting shorter too and show the show, stopping several inches above the ankle. Knits are important too with lots of sweater dressing, bi and tri colors and geometric cuts.
  • Car Insurance Now Mandatory in Nevada- Two Nevada state agency heads, are making an effort to inform the citizens of Nevada about the requirements of the new mandatory insurance law passed by the recent session of the Nevada State Legislature.

50 Years Ago

  • Jeff Wallace Takes Position As Fireman- Jeffery B. (Jeff) Wallace, well known Hawthorne resident and long time member of Hawthorne Volunteer Fire Department, has been named to fill a position as one of the two full-time firemen.
  • Man Arrested After Power Line Vanishes- Charged with possession of stolen and grand larceny, Ted Johnson of Schurz was being held in the Mineral County jail in lieu of posting $2,500 in bail, set by Justice of the Peace Tom McKenzie. He is charged with the theft of approximately 11.1 miles of power line from the operation of a well which was out in the earlier part of December of this year.

60 Years Ago

  • Only One $600 Exemption Allowed For Each Dependent- Taxpayers are entitled to only one $600 exemption for each dependent on their federal income tax return for 1959. Taxpayers may claim an exemption for each child, stepchild or legally adopted child who is under 19 years of age or if over 19 years, is a full time student. Taxpayers who furnished more than half of such child’s support are entitled to the exemption regardless of the amount of the child’s income.
  • Safeway had canned hams that were convenient, thrifty and delicious for $5.98, for a 8.25 pound can.

70 Years Ago

  • Epidemics Drain Polio Funds- Infantile Paralysis delivered a “one-two” punch to the nation in the past two years and as a result March of Dimes fundsfacing the greatest need in history- are at the lowest point ever. In 1948 the case toll of 27.908 marked that year as the second worth polio year on record. • The Hawthorne Mercantile had Bacon for $0.45 per pound.

80 Years Ago

  • Divorce Actions Gain In 1939 But Weddings Still Lead in County- An increase in both the number of marriage licenses issued and divorce actions filed in Mineral County was recorded in 1939, according to figures obtained from the office of the County Clerk. Although the marriage license total continued greater than the number of divorce actions, the percentage of increase was much greater in the divorce filings based upon comparative figures for 1938. Total number of marriage licenses issued to this county in 1939 was 46 compared with the total of 38 in 1938. Number of divorce actions filed in the district court here increased from 17 in 1938 to 27 in 1939.
  • Four Machines Fail in Attempt to Frighten Cows from Highway- King cattle resigned supreme in four encounters with motorized vehicles on the highway north of Hawthorne during the past week. In each instance the occupants of the automobiles escaped without injury but all four cars were badly damaged. The insurance adjuster called in on the case and said that no less than four machines had been damaged by hitting cattle, all the accidents occurring in the same area- about twenty-eight miles north of Hawthorne.

90 Years Ago

  • What is the Tariff Difficulty- The failure of Congress to agree on an adequate tariff bill must seem inexplicable to thinking Americans. The tariff is strictly a business proposition. Its purpose is simple- to levy duties against foreign goods which, if allowed in this country duty-free, would offer ruinous competition to American manufacturers, farmers, and wage-earners.