New Nevada Law to Limit Indoor Use of Vaping, E-Cigarettes

LAS VEGAS — A new Nevada law will expand the state’s clean-air law that already restricts smoking to also prohibit use of vaping products and electronic cigarettes in most public places and indoor places of employment.

The new law to provide protection against secondhand aerosol was enacted during the 2019 legislative session and takes effect Jan. 1, the Southern Nevada Health District said.

Places where use of vaping products and electronic cigarettes will no longer be allowed will include child care facilities, theaters, arcades, malls, restaurants and bars where minors aren’t prohibited, the health district said.

Use of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, or vaping products will only be allowed in areas of casinos and standalone bars where minors are prohibited as well as retail tobacco stores, strip clubs or brothels and convention floors at tobacco-related trade shows, the district said.

Utah to Begin New Requirement on Use of Off-Highway Vehicles

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah is about to start requiring nonresidents to get a new type of permit for using an off-highway vehicle in state parks or on public lands.

KSL-TV reports that the $30 permit good for 12 months is a result of Utah dropping its recognition of off-highway vehicle registrations from Nevada or any other state.

The new requirement takes effect Wednesday.

Utah State Parks officials said revenue from permit sales will support recreational areas.

Program coordinator Chris Haller said that fewer and fewer states have honored each other’s permits and that only 13 had reciprocity with Utah at the beginning of 2019.