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Amber Torres, with white flag, joins members of Walker River Paiute tribe as well as Yerington Paiute Tribe as they walk to bless Wabuska Hill outside of Yerington where many accidents have claimed the lives of community members.

Members of the Walker River and Yerington Paiute tribes gathered on Friday, Nov. 22 on a unity prayer walk to bless a stretch of Highway 95A where many members of both tribes have been involved in car accidents.

Amber Torres, chairwoman for the Walker River Paiute Tribe, explained to the Independent-news that the walk was for continued safety on the highway.

“We have had so many fatalities that included community members and even our own tribal members,” she explained. “People were having ill feelings about traveling that highway.”

Torres led those who gathered for the unity prayer walk and carried her tribe’s flag.

Linda Young, a resident of Hawthorne saw the photo on Facebook and stated that she did not know why everyone was walking, “but it brought me to tears” she wrote.

During the unity prayer walk, the walkers prayed, blessed and smudged the highway for all that use it.

“We acknowledged anyone who had lost their loved ones on this highway and prayed for anyone sick and afflicted,” Torres continued.

A recent head-on crash on Sept. 14 killed Eddie Dunnett, age 20 of Schurz and his passenger, 21-year-old Sarah Sam, who were pronounced deceased at the scene on Wabuska Hill outside of Yerington, where the unity prayer walk was held.

“We walked and left our prayers for our fallen, our people, our communities and our nation,” she concluded