Dear Editor,

The day is rapidly coming where the transportation service that carries many of our senior citizens and veterans to out -of-town medical appointments will be greatly reduced. I am one of only two people who are willing to drive the Veteran’s Van. Because the need is there weekly, I cannot take a long vacation.

The same is true of the RSVP program. There are six drivers. But two have their own major health issues and two have other commitments that limit their availability. That leaves a bulk of the workload on two people again.

I am going to have to step back. My own physical abilities are beginning to suffer. I want to go to Texas some time this winter and visit friends and relatives. The trip will be two weeks or more. There will be limited service in both the VA and RSVP programs. In the summer of 2020 I plan a vacation of at least five weeks to visit people on the east coast. Again, services for those in need will be severely limited.

These are volunteer positions and not glamorous jobs. The VA gives you a free meal if you drive to the Reno VA. RSVP will reimburse you for your meals and some mileage. The only true payment comes from helping those who need help. But then again, that isn’t enough for some people.

Both programs can be reached at 945- 9001 or cell 722-7669.

Charlie Morris
Volunteer Driver