The Mineral County Commissioners met in a recessed meeting on Oct. 23 to discuss the vacant position of building inspector/official position.

The item was placed on the agenda by District Attorney Sean Rowe and was agendized as such: “For consideration and possible action relative to filling of Building Inspector/Official position. Discussion and possible action may include reorganization or reassignment of the Building Office, creating or amending job descriptions, fulfilling office duties by contracting for inspection services, advertising for job vacancies, discussing applications, and potentially conducting interview with applicants.”

The commissioners had received four applications for the position after previous job postings.

Commissioner Christine Hoferer explained that she had spoken with the district attorney, who was absent for the meeting and advised those in attendance that during the absence of the former building inspector, Mike Fontaine, some inspections were contracted out “to get things moving.”

Commissioner Garth Price explained that he had went through the applications that had been received and “I haven’t found what I was looking for.”

“I think the idea of breaking it up [the duties of the inspector with a contracted outside source] could work, but I also like the idea of having a building inspector at all times that the contractors could reach out to. The thing is I don’t know if we can financially find more funding to reopen it. I don’t know what the answer is,” he explained to his fellow commissioners.

Commissioner Chris Hegg asked about raising the pay for the building inspector position.

The duty of being the commercial building inspector was taken of the current job description but Price asked that the inspector, if hired, work towards getting the certification and training.

The discussion of raising the salary, with the hopes of more people applying, was discussed but Hoferer was hesitant due to revenue to the county.

Patrick Hughes, emergency manager for the county who has been helping with the building inspector position explained to the commissioners that he had discussed with Farr West Engineering giving him quotes for contracting with the county for commercial inspections and plan reviews and also doing the whole building inspector position. He explained he had yet to receive back any numbers from Farr West.

Hoferer recommended raising the salary threshold of the building inspector/ official to $45,000 – $50,000 to receive more interest on the position.

Interviews for the position will be held on Nov. 6. The commissioners will review the applications, individually – with the prior received applications.

Hoferer asked that those who had been helping with the building inspector position to write down some suggested interview questions.

The position of Mineral County Building Inspector/Official has been vacant since the death of former official, Mike Fontaine, who passed away on Sept. 11 of this year.