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A group looking to recall Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak will be holding a rally in Hawthorne on Saturday.

Fight For Nevada, a conservative group formed out of Elko County, is attempting to recall Gov. Steve Sisolak from office.

Headed by group president, Angela Blass, she states fear of losing right under, Fight For Nevada will be holding a rally in Hawthorne on Saturday, Nov. 9 at 12 noon at Veterans Memorial Park.

Mineral County organizer, Tim Owens explained why he has helped to bring the group to his hometown, “When I first saw the Fight For Nevada Facebook page, I thought to myself, ‘This is a good thing.’ After reading into it a little more, I discovered that the group was recruiting for each county. I truly felt that I could do my part in this recall effort. I reached out to Angela and it began from there.”

Blass, who moved from California a few years ago; explained to the Independent-News that she had never been politically involved until now and the group tries to remain bipartisan.

One post on the Recall Governor Sisolak page reads, “I respect and will defend the Constitution and ALL Amendments. I believe that civil liberties are sacred and should not be violated. I believe that just because something is legal, it isn’t necessarily moral. I will accept nothing less than the highest standards of professional conduct by anyone in my department.”

Blass explains about Fight For Nevada, “We are bipartisan; this is a WE THE PEOPLE MOVEMENT. It is time to get back to the Constitution, which is law that works for the people. It is time to revisit the Declaration of Independence and take control of any government who does not have the people’s best interest.”

The group has over 8,000 members and will need to collect 242,950 signatures of registered voters beginning this month. Those voters must have voted in the gubernatorial race last fall in order to add a signature to the recall paperwork.

Owens finalized his comment by saying, “Fight For Nevada has made great strides in this grassroots effort to recall a governor that has no interest in the rural counties.”

Information about their cause can be found at or by calling 775-340-9620.

Blass concludes the interview by quoting country-western performer, Charlie Daniels, “There are a hell of a lot more of us common folk then there’ll ever be of them.”