Heidi Bunch
Elizabeth Chisholm wields a gun while participating in an active shooter drill Tuesday.

Unfortunately in today’s world, one cannot be too careful. Preparing her coworkers for any event, Mount Grant General Hospital (MGGH) Safety Coordinator Carol Lemiuex staged an active shooter situation where a disgruntled patient threatened a doctor with a gun.

This is the second active shooter staging that MGGH and the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office have worked in conjunction with.

The drill took less than five minutes after the irate patient walked into the Mount Grant Clinic upset. Her voice could be heard outside into the parking lot when the drill began. Once she threatened the staff, they went into lockdown mode by following instructions given to them by Lemiuex.

Hospital staff called into Mineral County Dispatch who quickly informed law enforcement deputies, Sgt. Mickey Boyles and Deputy Tony Burton that there was an active shooter situation in progress at the medical facility.

Unaware of when deputies would respond, the active shooter continued to beg and plea with staff to open the window or doors and let her speak to a doctor. Not one employee of the hospital could be found. The clinic was eerily abandoned. (Due to patient health, most of the exercise was practiced in the clinic.)

“I think it went well,” safety coordinator Lemieux explained. “As always, we have things that we can do better, but everyone acted like they were trained to act.”

The training proves beneficial to both hospital and sheriff staff, each taking away from the experience – positive points and constructive comments.

“Thanks so much to Mineral County Sheriff’s Office, Mineral County Search & Rescue, all Mt. Grant employees and especially our “shooter”, Elizabeth. You were fantastic and frightening at the same time,” Lemiuex concluded.