Thank You,

The Lions Christmas tree and landscaping at the entrance to Hawthorne by McDonald’s was destroyed by an out-oftown driver.

Our thanks to Sergeant Ratliff for researching months of police arrests to give me date of the accident. Sergeant Ratliff, what is the most helpful person at the sheriff’s office and went out of his way to be of assistance.

We needed the date and driver In order to pursue reimbursement. The DA was then able to give me the name of the owner of the car, a rental company. The rental company gave me the name of the lease and after a few calls to insurance companies we are down to do only needing the police report to present to the insurance company along with an inventory of our loss.

The Nevada Highway Patrol was very helpful in finding the report and will be sending it to us shortly.

Lions expended a great deal of work and money in that project and I hope we will be fully reimbursed and continue the project.


Kendall Harris