Dear Editor,

Re: Walker Lake Advisory Board,

Since I will not be attending your third Tuesday meetings, kind of like you couldn’t attend the prior advisory board meetings because you were too, too busy, I will attempt opening your eyes as to your home owner association insistence of forcing those to your way or the highway. I will be writing letters to the editor of our local newspaper instead because I’m way too busy to attend.

Have you brought up any of the safety issues or are you only concerned about how you want our community to look? How about the “no hunting within our community” signage promised? How about the very unsafe major Cottonwood turn off turn lanes? No, let’s talk about complete ignorant and impossibility of a sewer system! Or how about everybody having the same identical trash cans?! What? Really? Trash cans?!….Take a look at every small Nevada town. We are not even a town but you insist that we make it look like some scenic green Alpine mountain town.

We’ll start with Hawthorne to name one or how about Mina, Luning, Gabbs, Tonopah, Goldfield, Ione, even the outskirts of Fallon and Yerington, or how about major populated areas like Dayton, Silver Springs, or Fernley? Why not advocate those places pretty up where the population’s tax base can support a major pretty-up? Which one of these small Nevada towns with actual store fronts and a population over the 150 (or whatever it is we have here.) So you mandate to our County commissioners that for the children living here we should have a bus stop shack be installed. Great idea, but obviously lacking knowledge of our weather or lack of communication with the contractor, but having it installed backwards to our prevailing winds so on windy days the kids have to stand behind it in the dirt or mud depending. You’ve managed to have slower speed limit signs on one board members dirt road, how about the rest of the dirt roads? I guess they don’t count.

Why not push the fact that all of those towns mentioned above have a slower speed limit than 50 mph. Why not request our speed limit be lowered as we attempted many years ago, when our through community speed limit was 40 mph? We would feel a bit safer when attempting turning off the highway to our homes. S

orry for the rambling rant but, can you see what I’m getting at? I would highly recommend that you let California stay right where it is and not bring it here.

Lawrence Worthen
Walker Lake