Dear Editor,

I just want to express my views on self-protection, you can’t just push a few buttons, and say “Beam me a cop Scotty” like they do on Star Trek, thinking the cop can just materialize in your home to save you from the rapist or killer in your home to rescue you. This is why I believe in gun ownership, for self-protection. Cops often times are too eager to jump hot on the wrong individual, once I got hit by a woman drunk driver. She hit me from behind as I was at a complete stop, about to make a left turn, slid down an embankment, my car badly damaged; would still hobble. I went blocks away to get to a public phone to summons aid. Some creep showed up on a motorcycle claiming, hit and run, claiming he saw the whole thing from A-Z. Later he claimed I had supposedly locked my brakes.

The police on the scene were interrogating me badly, yet I was the victim at the scene, I was facing a lynch mob, people flicking cigarettes on me. Finally an 18 year old girl walking in the field nearby told the truth. I was stopped and signaling, she hit me from behind. If I had been unconscious, unable to state my case would have charged me with something I did not do. Some cops are too eager to jump on someone, while they are still in a state of shock. I did not want to ride with the woman who hit me in the ambulance for I feared abuses at the hospital.

Once in Portland, Oregon an undercover cop was held hostage for 12 hours and tortured by his drug dealing, adversaries, he finally got the fun away from his captors, and killed them both, which personally feel he had every right to do so. The prosecution in this case, charged this cop with murder, claiming he had no right to kill them, once he had the balance of power, he finally was acquitted, rightfully so. He quit the force because he was so disgusted with the system. It’s unbelievable to me how goofy, the laws are getting.

If they ban guns, anybody can pour gas in a bottle and tie a rag around it. What will they do then, ban gas? Where I think people are wrong is they think cops will shield each other from misconduct, they won’t, why do you think cops get fired. I agree with President Trump, it’s not the fun that kills it’s the person behind it. If someone gets killed by a drunk driver, do I blame the car? No, it’s the loose nut behind the wheel.

Jon Johnson