Heidi Bunch
A water line was approved for a marijuana grow facility that will be located southwest of Armory Road in Hawthorne.

The application for Lumos and Associates, Inc. (engineers for Creative Condos IV, LLC., a marijuana grow facility), was approved for the instillation of water line from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

The phase approved is for installation of approximately 1,700 lineal feet of 12-inch pipe and approximately 500 lineal feet of 8-inch public water main pipe that will be attached to the main water line used by Hawthorne Utilities.

Creative Condos was also approved for the placement of three different phases of private water line measuring in at approximately 3,175 lineal feet as well as hydrants, isolation valves, air release valves, sampling ports and service connections.

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Safe Drinking Water reviewed the application, plans and hydraulic network analysis for the water project. The approval is for construction only and the company has one year in which to complete, if an extension is not approved.

Per Nevada Administrative Code 445A.67145(6): “a water main must not be placed into service until – 1. The water main has been disinfected in accordance with AWWA Standard C651 and 2. Analyses of the water main which indicate that the water meets primary drinking water standards for coliform bacteria (absent for coliform bacteria) have been obtained and reported to BSDW. Per AWWA Standard C651, two sets of consecutive samples must be taken at least 14 hours apart from every 1,200 feet of main, at the end of the line, and from each branch,” according to the letter of approval.

The grow facility is located to the southwest of Armory Road and First Street in Hawthorne. It is unknown when construction will begin.