Dear Editor,

Enclosed is my check to renew my annual subscription to your paper as an outside Mineral County subscriber although I still am the owner of the Lucky J RV Park in Hawthorne.

I look forward to getting your paper each week and find it superior to the local S.L.O. [San Luis Obispo] Tribune in many ways even though yours is a weekly and ours is published daily. Keep up the good work.

Since I turned 90 last October, I haven’t visited Hawthorne recently so I depend on your coverage to keep up with developments. However, I hope to get over soon for a visit.

Harold Johnson


Dear Editor,

The opiate crisis is continuing to get worse in the United States and is now being considered a “syndemic,” after graduating from being an epidemic. A syndemic is when 2 or 3 other epidemics start playing off of each other. Right now, besides the opiate epidemic, we also have the benzodiazepine epidemic and the methamphetamine epidemic as well. What’s happening is that all three epidemics are fueling each other. The opioid crisis has been around for quite some time, as well has the benzodiazepine problem, and the methamphetamine problem has recently reappeared in the last few years.

The opioid epidemic came first and can be said to have spun the other problems alongside it. What we have happening now is that these three problems have created major increases in new HIV infections, Hepatitis C infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and infectious endocarditis. I knew that if we didn’t really step up and get a handle on this problem, it was going to get worse, and it has. The opioid epidemic that has claimed thousands upon thousands of lives has now grown into a different, scarier monster.

For more information on the opiate syndemic, visit . If you are in need of a referral to a treatment center, call us at 877-841-5509

Jason Good

Dear Editor,

With excitement and gratitude, I would like to thank the Nevada State Legislature and Governor Sisolak for passing, and signing into law, Assembly Bill 84 which establishes over $200 million of funding for conservation on Nevada’s public lands over the next 10 years.

Nevada has the largest amount of public lands in the continuous United States and state funding plays an integral role in its management. Conservation funding in Nevada helps preserves and restore our diverse and expansive wilderness while also investing in some of the best recreation opportunities in the American West.  AB84 bill will benefit all Nevadans by continuing funding for important conservation projects across the state, including wildfire reduction and restoration efforts in forested watersheds and sagebrush ecosystems.  

Without support from our state’s leaders, organization like mine would not be able to have the same positive impact on the public lands and water that makes our state so unique.

Jeff Bryant

Executive Director

Dear Editor,

In a well-orchestrated sequence, Mueller, by how he framed what he said, handed off the baton in the intentional relay race the Left has rolling to destroy Trump. Mueller’s not so subtly framed statement left the impression that something was still to be investigated. It was obvious he was nervous and afraid, most likely under duress to do what he did.

He knows full well he went way too far and wasted enormous time and resources in what amounted to nothing more than an intentional witch hunt, and just wants out now, hopefully personally unscathed from the Left’s overall illicit attempt to destroy it’s enemy. Forget service to the American people. Having designed and put all its resources into the attempt, Mueller was just one convenient cog in a gear in the destruction machine. But, Dems, know this, “Let the dogs bark, the Trump caravan is moving on!”

Jeff Barrow