Mineral County Board of County Commissioner highlights from March 20

Commissioner Garth Price was not in attendance for this meeting.

Safety message

Emergency management director Patrick Hughes gave a safety message regarding prioritizing wellness.

Accounts payable

Deputy Auditor-Recorder Teresa McNally explained that the fire chief’s credit card had been compromised so there is a voucher for reimbursement.

She also explained that a contingency had been done to the Hawthorne Town Fund.


McKenna Cardenas, Mineral County High School student body president, sent a letter to the commissioners thanking them for their donation to Safe Grad.

Sheri Samson explained to the commissioners that there are five Walker Lake commercial locations that do not have proper paperwork for their septic systems. She gave the commissioners each a copy. Commissioner Hoferer asked if these were included in the nine previously discussed. Samson stated no, that these were found by the state.


Ken Collum, Bureau of Land Management Field Supervisor gave the commissioners an update. He discussed grazing allotments. Wild Rose asked for a permit for a “test hole”. Thor Mining was discussed as well as some mineral exploration requests. Sierra Trail Dogs and Best in the Desert routes were discussed as well as the Modesto Ridge Runners. The commissioners discussed the Navy Land Expansion. Discussion of irrigation ditches in Mina, they must be maintained by whoever patented them.

Use or lose leave

Sheriff Randy Adams put on an agenda item in regard to paying out ‘use or lose’ leave due to personnel shortage. Undersheriff Bill Ferguson represented Adams who was out of town who presented the commissioners with a total of monies that need to be paid out. Hoferer questioned District Attorney Sean Rowe about Ferguson being on the list for 57 hours. Hoferer made a motion to pay off the deputies on the list and not Ferguson. He stated that he is working over 130 hours per pay period. Motion passed.

Business license

The following business license was approved: United Electrical Services, Inc. (Robert Faiss).


Alicia Dalton, representing the Hawthorne Jr. High 8th grade class graduation, requested a donation from the commissioners. She stated that the school no longer pays for the 8th grade graduation and she is looking for a donation to go to Urban Air. A donation of $500 was given to the students for their trip.

Secretary pay increase

Kirk Bausman, chairman of the Hawthorne Industrial Airport/Mineral County Airport Land Use Advisory Committee requested a $50 pay increase for Secretary Joyce Brown. Hoferer made a motion to approve and Hegg seconded the motion. The item passed.

Community clean-up

Schyler Hagen discussed community clean-up in April with the commissioners before inserting the flyer into the paper [the flyer can be found in this week’s Independent-News].


The commissioners discussed pending legislation currently proposed at the Nevada Legislature. Assessor Kevin Chisum discussed legislation regarding the recording of deeds and taxes due within 30 days after purchasing of real property. Chisum read his response to the legislation to the commissioners. No decisions were made.

Park and Rec board

Christina Boyles, Recreation Coordinator for Park and Recreation asked for the appointment of up to five members to the Mineral County Park and Recreation Advisory Board. Four were appointment. Boyles was advised to run the notice in order to get a fifth member.

Scotts Field Grant

Boyles advised the commissioners about the Scotts Field Refurbishment Program Grant to be used at the softball field at Lions Park. She was advised to proceed.


Discussion with Hamrey regarding personal property left at the racetrack and the disposal of such. He explained that the previous lesser had until March 15 to remove the items from the property. Hamrey advised the property was concrete blocks, metal and trash. He was told by Hoferer to remove the hazards first then work on the debris at a later time.

Commissioner assignments

Clerk Chris Nepper asked for clarification on commissioner assignments. Clarification on the Local Emergency Planning Commission board, POOL/PACT and Regional Transportation Commission representation.

Public comment

Hoferer stated that there had been an inspection by the fire department and there is an electrical issue in the clerk’s office. Hamrey told the commissioners that he is going to Minden to an airport convention.

Patriots Plaza

Nepper discussed accommodating a train engine at Patriots Plaza. He stated that Wanda Millsap from the Hawthorne Ordnance Museum approached Nepper and asked if the train could still be accompanied at the plaza. The item was postponed.

Closed session

No closed session was needed.