Dear Editor,

On Wednesday, March 20, Dr. Gooch and his students surprised and entertained us with an enjoyable concert of choir and band. The choir received a superior rating recently at the Zone Choir Festival in Virginia City March 14 and they demonstrated their skill to our local audience. The sopranos and altos blended well with no undue spotlighting.

Although they were a few in number, the baritones supplied strong harmony. Often in school performances they are overcome by their female counterparts, but not so here. The band mastered complex lines providing an integrated texture of sounds with supportive, but not overpowering, percussion. Thanks to the person operating the microphone mixer for the subtle reinforcement. Dr. Gooch chose a program of music covering various time periods, educating his students and the audience while delighting the ear. Dr. Gooch’s rapport with his students was evident, and they enjoyed performing.

These musicians have put in long, disciplined hours of practice comparable to athletes on the field. Their parents are due special praise. Unlike sports athletes who practice on the gridiron and playing field, parents have to endure the repetition of notes at home. Inclement weather may have limited the numbers in the audience, but those who were there reacted with enthusiasm. If you missed this concert, I urge you to avail yourself of future performances. We have extremely limited access to culture of this type, especially since KUNR removed it from the translator on TV hill to only their Reno station.

Paul Powell


Dear Editor,

Get Involved with Mineral County Sportmen’s Club

Hi Folks! On behalf of the Mineral County Sportsmen’s Club, we would like to urge you to get involved with local projects and meetings. Allow me to explain the ins and outs of the club. The MCSC generally meets monthly (outside of hunting season, in which we meet on an as needed basis) at the Volunteer Fire Dept., during the first Wednesday of each month at 6pm. We have an advisory board made up of four members that serve bi-annual terms. I currently reside as the vice-chairman of that board. We are an established non-profit organization with the state, in which we are expected to register and pay annual fees to maintain. Beyond those costs, all funds raised by the MCSC are used toward club projects. Of which benefit the local sportsmen and youth of our community.

Years ago, in my grandpa’s day, there was a functioning sportsman’s club here in Hawthorne. In order to carry on that tradition, we reestablished the Mineral County Sportsmen’s Club in 2012. At that time, we had a lot of interest in the club, and as we have continued, our members have tired a bit being unable to recruit new blood to the organization. In turn, we have moved slower in accomplishing project goals as hoped.

The normal process for project goals is simple; we have a meeting, discuss project goals, break into sub-committees with members interested in accomplishing the goal, then accomplish the project. Sounds simple! It is, when you have enough members to break into sub-committees. The problem we are having is that a small group of members are serving on all the committees because there are no others getting involved in those projects. Maybe it is that we have not communicated well enough with our members? We have a Facebook page and an email list, however, we could do better in connecting those avenues with our members, and we will. In addition, for years we have distributed a quarterly newsletter but no longer have the grant funding used for that printing. Aside from that, we still need members to attend meetings and help with projects so that we can make our small region better for our sportsmen and youth.

Let’s talk about what we have done and what we plan to do. Every year we hold our annual banquet in July. It is a great event. We sell out every year, and the money raised by our banquet allow us to fund our year’s projects. We sponsor an annual kids fishing derby at Rose Creek Reservoir, in which we were able to negotiate re-stocking of fish (tiger trout) there a few years ago. In addition, we have partnered with Nevada Bighorns Unlimited on many local guzzler builds, organized events such as Guzzler Tours and Kayak Days at Walker Lake. We have been involved in numerous political ventures to secure land recreation as well.

In addition to our annual events such as the Banquet and the Kids Fishing Derby, we are currently working on numerous projects. We have been in negotiations with State Parks to create a fishery at Fletcher as well as working with NDOW to establish local creek fisheries for Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. Another club proposal which will begin negotiations with NBU and NDOW in early summer is a three year plan to build three local guzzlers to benefit mule deer, antelope, and sage grouse. We are also helping with the possibility of MCSC making its mark on a new local welcome sign through the County. Other projects we would like to continue working on is an urban fishing pond, shooting range, and to further our recreational use of Mineral County lands.

Please get involved. We can accomplish all of these goals, and many others, with the right amount of people passionate about making Mineral County a better place to live. We hope to see you at the next meeting on Wednesday, April 3, 2019.

Darren Hamrey