Dear Editor,

First off I would like to thank the fire department. All firefighters and first responders. I would like to talk a little about the “fire hazard” in Mineral County that we all know we have here. As we all know California isn’t the only state that has fires and the wind blows like crazy.

Due to all the blight in Mineral County in this case. Trash, weeds, old lumber, fences blown over, old structures that should have been torn down and “my oh my” all the junk vehicles sitting around and I’m sure illegal with some “gasoline” still in the tanks. This is just one more thing in Mineral County that should have been addressed many years ago and hasn’t been.

I’m not Mr. Fireman but as a young man a volunteer for the Lee Vining Fire Department and as of now might be called a “mini hot shot member,” working with the Forest Service at the east entrance of Yosemite. Enough of that. The Lord only knows and we can all imagine what might happen if a fire might start on the west side of town, and don’t forget about the wind that comes up when you least expect it. “Lest get it done” its way overdue “think proactive” safety should always be #1.

Butch Seymour


Dear Editor,

Mike Fontaine, Mineral County Building Inspector is doing the job the public pays him to do.  The law needs to be changed.  With the courts moving to the side of the RV housing disadvantaged it will not be long before a suit is filed, lots of money spent and the law changed.  Smart communities are moving to adapt to the new RV normal, saving the tax payers from in necessary legal costs. 

RVs and tiny homes on private property with proper utility hookups are safe and economical alternatives to permanent construction. Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong.  The world is changing and not everyone can afford their parents American dream.  According to the US Federal Reserve 2018 report 45 percent of Americans do not have $400 in savings.  Pretty sad state of affairs. 

RVs and tiny homes may be our best hope.

Gregory G. Campbell

San Miguel, Calif.

via the Independent-News website