Dear Editor,

To all the many churches here in Hawthorne, I pray we can unite in this adventure of bringing a well (water) to a village in dire need of clean water.

Not only will there many hours a day to walk to get contaminated water be over, a well will quench their dilemma. They will also be quenched with the true living water, Jesus Christ.

This well will be built thru the 700 Club, a photograph and map of the general location of the well, along with a plaque at your sponsored well with a personalized inscription from Hawthorne, Nev.

I realize America has had storms and fires, but we are a resilient nation still under God’s care and many organizations like Franklin Graham – Samaritan’s Purse, Convoy of Hope, are rebuilding these areas at this time.

I’m praying this body of believers here in Hawthorne, Nev. can reach a less fortunate country (village) to bring hope to these widows and orphans with clean water and the good news about God’s love for them.

The cost is $4,000. I believe we are at a couple hundred so far, we are having a raffle with many local businesses contributing, but really it isn’t that much is it, if 38 Christians gave $100 it would be done.

Can you visualize the children and women and men jumping up and down like jelly beans, praising God and thank the Lord for their miracles? You giving! God bless us.

There is a donation can at the credit union.

Plus our raffle if any churches would like to help with the selling of tickets please let Pastor Rob Gibson know or call Vickie Love at 360-523-0049. They are six tickets for $5.

Some prizes include: El Capitan dinner ($25 value); Body at Works Fitness (1 month or eight tans); Two – $20 gift cards to Port of Subs; Glamour on Main ($25 gift card); Ace Hardware ($25 gift card); NAPA Auto ($25 gift card); Wal-Mart ($20 gift card); candle set; crocheted quilt; crocheted star with earrings; make-up suitcase; Forest painting by Linda Young and military uniform.

Thank you,

Vickie Love