Karen Watson, Mineral County School District Superintendent reached out to the Independent-News to give a statement regarding an incident at the Mineral County High School where one student held another at knifepoint.

Watson explained, “Mineral County School District takes all situations that threaten to harm the students very seriously.  In response to the most recent events at Mineral County High School, we will be bringing in a trainer for our Emergency Operation Plan.  We are also planning to use the language from this document when notifying parents so it is consistent with language used in these types of situations.  Once the trainer is available a town hall meeting will be scheduled with parents, staff and all community members to hear concerns and suggestions to protect and support our students.  Other activities planned included a series of mock drills for our students in order to prepare them for any incident occurring at our schools.  Grants are being submitted for safety features within our buildings and grounds as well as a review of personnel to support student safety.   If anyone has ideas for student safety I welcome your information and invite you to come visit with me.”

Those parents who may have questions regarding this or any other topic can call the school administration office at 775-945-2403.