Heidi Bunch
The American Legion in Hawthorne held its annual Thanksgiving day tradition of providing dinner to those in need.

The communities of Mineral County embraced Thanksgiving this year by helping to feed those who may be shut in or without family.

Thanksgiving this year, held a different meaning for James Richards of Woody’s Towing. A tow truck driver and mobile mechanic, Richards was called out that holiday morning.

It’s not uncommon for me to work on a holiday, in fact, my family and I expect it,” Richards said. “Most people don’t realize how many people work on holidays, away from their families getting the job done. Truck drivers are one of the most forgotten, working hard to help ensure you have turkey and stuffing on your table today and all of your online orders get to you on time.”

Courtesy photo
The Merritt family provided stranded truck driver, Joel (left), with a hot meal on Thanksgiving day.

Richards had been called out to help repair a semi-truck that had broke down in Mina. While working on “Santa’s sleigh”, Richards and the stranded truck driver were surprised when two women pulled up in the car to deliver a Thanksgiving dinner with pie.

“It was truly one of the kindest things I have ever seen. The two women humbly left and the driver and I were completely speechless and overwhelmed with such a sweet gesture. I’m not going to lie, we were both shedding little tears,” he continued.

A few moments later, the two ladies would return and with them, they brought another dinner for Richards and they thanked him for keeping the world moving.

“I had to share this with you. Thanks to the Merritt family of Mina. You made our day. I love Mineral County and the people who call it home,” he would conclude.

The American Legion of Hawthorne, held their annual Thanksgiving Day dinner, serving 62 walk-ins a traditional Thanksgiving feast and delivering to 22 people who were unable to get to the hall.

Legion Commander Ken Carrothers has organized this dinner with only donations for many years. People donate money, food or time to make sure that people in the Hawthorne community have somewhere to sit and enjoy the food. Volunteers take time to take meals around town to shut-in’s who rejoiced in getting a “true” Thanksgiving feast.

Richards and the American Legion weren’t the only ones checking on neighbors and loved ones this holiday. Neighbors in every town in our small county made sure that the true meaning of Thanksgiving was spread.