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The Velveteen Rabbit was performed to a limited audience by Mineral County High School students this week.

Mineral County High School students presented “The Velveteen Rabbit” this week to a limited audience.

The classic story was originally published in 1922 by Margery Williams and illustrated by William Nicholson; the story follows a stuffed rabbit who wishes to become real through the love of his owner.

Under the direction of Mineral County band and choir director, Dr. Benjamin Gooch, the story came alive on the stage of the Arlo Funk Administrative Building.

“I thought the play was good and catchy,” said Mallory Chidester who took her four-year-old daughter to the program.

The story has many life lessons as told by the Velveteen Rabbit. It explains that regardless of how you look, you are exactly how you were meant to be. The rabbit wasn’t fancy like other toys and like real rabbits, couldn’t jump or run – yet, the rabbit learned to ignore the haters and be comfortable being The Velveteen Rabbit. He learns that in order to be your own person – you do not need the love and validation of another person and with that, the valuable lesson that love hurts at times.

“These kids worked long and hard for two months straight and it paid off. There is so much talent in these kids and this was the perfect way to show it. I attended every performance and each one was better than the last,” Jaime Barton, mother of the Velveteen Rabbit said.

Mineral County had lacked a music program and through Dr. Gooch, the choir, band and now theatre group have blossomed.

“I hope to see more people out supporting them next time around,” Barton concluded.

Chidester also explained that she wished more children would get involved in the production of these plays.

The most valuable lesson that “The Velveteen Rabbit” gives is that he never forgets the boy that showed him loved and made him who he was – even when life takes you in different directions.

Congratulations to each student (and adult) that took the time to practice and present “The Velveteen Rabbit”. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.