Local residents were treated to a free fireworks show last week, when the dark night skies of Hawthorne lit up as the Western Pyrotechnic Association came to town for their annual “DO IT” convention.

Western Pyrotechnics has come to Hawthorne for years, to test, tune and build fireworks right on site. This year, 93 registered for the event with even more staff on hand to help manage the event. This year, pyrotechnics came in from eight states and the country of England. There was one member from Arkansas; five from Arizona; 63 from California; two from Idaho; ten from Nevada; five from Oregon; one from Utah; five from Wyoming and the one member from across the pond in England. The members were from all ages.

Despite the cooler weather, residents still lined the road near the old Hawthorne Speedway to watch with their family – the colorful and sometimes loud display of lights. The sounds of “ooohhs” and “aaahhs” could be heard floating on the wind as children and adults both exclaimed their approval.

The grand finale of the event happens each Saturday night with what Western Pyrotechnic Association refer to as “Armageddon”.

The event not only benefits those who want to event the nightly event, but local businesses also reap the rewards as the group spends money which goes back into the Mineral County economy.