Dear Editor,

A story about “America’s Patriotic Home”.

The Veterans Administration (VA) needs volunteers to drive the VA van and transport veterans to appointments in Reno and Fallon. EVERYBODY knew that ANYBODY could do the job. All they had to do was meet certain physical standards. EVERYBODY was sure that SOMEBODY would step forward.

ANYBODY who said they were a patriot was certain the SOMEBODY would step forward. EVERYBODY talked to ANYBODY and EVERYBODY about the need for volunteers.

Did SOMEBODY finally step forward? Who finally call 945-9001 and talk to MJ about being a volunteer? NOBODY.

The end.

Charlie Morris

Walker Lake

Dear Editor,

I had a fender bender on my car and I needed to get it fixed. So I decided to go and talk to Woody’s, of course some people said they don’t do a good job or it will take too long to fix. My answer was I would rather get it done in Hawthorne and keep my business local.

Woody’s said it would be about a week or so. That was good with me. Guess what it was five days. Fixed perfectly and they were very nice.

So my business was local, the way I will always go. Think you would be happy also to live in Hawthorne.

Thank you Woody’s –

Ruth Cubbage