Thank You,

The Kenny Bostic Memorial Youth Athletic Fund was saddened to hear of the loss of Joan Gazaway. As many know, Joanie was always a welcoming smile, a good-bye hug and the go to person for Kenny when he came home on leave. In her heart, Joanie saved a special place for the man we honor with this fund.

As per her request, Joanie asked that donations be made to the Kenny Fund at the time of her passing.

We, the board members, are overwhelmed and thankful for each and every one that came forward in honoring Joanie’s request. This fund is used for children of Mineral County who wish to participate in sport activities but do not have the financial means in which to do so. Without question – the Kenny Fund steps up to help with some of the financial burdens so that we may watch these athletes grow and prosper in the sports they love. (Just like Kenny did!)

Thank you to the following for your donations: The Family of Joan Gazaway; Darlene Reed; Holly and Hugh Qualls; Linda and Gary Schaaf; Financial Horizons Credit Union; Patricia Cafferata; Mary Lou Cornella; Linda and Tom Lyle; Harold and Laura Fuller; Gloria Gazaway; Nancy and John Williams; Carol Barton; Mary Ellen Komac; Julius Wallace and Rick and Barbara Reuter. We apologize if we have missed any names.

Again, our thanks to Joanie for her love and support throughout the years and to each one of you who continue to support the Kenny Fund.

The Kenny Fund board members