Vic Trujillo
A brush fire on Mt. Grant was contained Monday evening after burning one to two acres.

A brush fire began at approximately 3:45 p.m. on Monday, June 18 on Mt. Grant. In a release from Lt. Col. Scott Bishop’s office at the Hawthorne Army Depot, it stated that the fire is suspected to be the result of National Guard soldiers conducting weapons training on the nearby Freedom Range.

Due to the location of the fire, it was not accessible by ground fire fighting vehicles and as the fire began to climb up Mt. Grant (growing approximately one to two acres in size), the Hawthorne Army Depot coordinated with the Bureau of Land Management who provided aerial firefighting support.

Per Bishop’s release, rotary and fixed wing aircraft arrived on scene at approximately 6 p.m. and began extinguishing the fire.

“The fire was contained to depot property and was extinguished at 7:35 p.m.”, the release stated.

There we no injuries or threat to the public.

“The Hawthorne Army Depot thanks BLM for their rapid and effective support they provided the depot,” Bishop concluded in the statement.