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The Mineral County Sheriff’s Office burned nearly 70 pounds of prescription drugs in its new incinerator recently.

Mineral County Sheriff’s Office recently sent a press release announcing that their office recently burned nearly 70 pounds of prescription drugs in their new incinerator. The prescription drugs were taken back during the take back program.

The incineration of these drugs would not have been made possible without the hard work and dedication of the Nevada Attorney General’s Office, the release stated. Sheriff Randy Adams said, “Thank you Attorney General Laxalt and staff, you have lifted a huge burden off the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office.”

The sheriff would go on to say ,”On that note, I would like to ask the citizens of Mineral County to please remove your prescription pills from their containers prior to placing them in our drug take back boxes. We cannot incinerate the containers and it gives you an opportunity to safeguard your personal information that may be on the bottles.”

The “drug take back box” is located in the sheriff’s office lobby. Your prescription can be dropped right into the box, without any container.

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