Jerrie Tipton

Mineral County Assessor Candidate

With two other people jockeying for this year’s position of Mineral County Assessor, I would like to introduce myself to those new within our community and reacquaint myself with those long time voters.

As a current sitting Commissioner, I have spent the last twelve years serving Mineral County. I know Mineral County government, how it operates and doesn’t operate – what works and what doesn’t. I know and understand those county policies concerning labor negotiations, personnel, accounting, regulations, ordinances, and State Statutes. I helped formulate them. As Commissioner, part of my job is to understand and be aware of all the other elected officials’ duties and responsibilities, and I do.

My choice to run for Mineral County Assessor was not a rash decision. I thought long and hard about how I could better that office – in turn, bettering Mineral County. I believe the assessor’s office needs a new set of eyes, from someone that has dealt with the county as a whole and knows that all the administrative offices MUST work as a team. Prior to being elected Commissioner I served for five years on the Regional Planning Commission. Therefore I also know and understand land use, planning and zoning which is essential knowledge for that position.

The duties of County Assessor are not to be taken lightly. Within the Nevada Revised Statute 250.090, it clearly reads, “ If any county assessor or deputy assessor shall be guilty of neglect of any of the duties enjoined on him or her by law, he or she shall be liable to indictment in any court of competent jurisdiction, and fined in any sum not exceeding $500.” While each county must have certified appraisers within the office of Assessor, per Nevada Revised Statutes, those duties are not required of the County Assessor. The majority of the duties of that office are accountable, responsible human and financial resource management and meeting the deadlines set by statue for the office.

In order for our county to grow, the assessor MUST correctly appraise property and bill accordingly. Not doing so creates not only havoc within the office of the assessor, but trickles down to Mineral County residents in the services provided. I have been balancing a budget for 12 years on projected revenue compared to collected revenue, and most of those years that has not been easy. I believe that revenue has been overlooked and with a new set of eyes, the ability to get more cash flow into the county is a possibility and essential.

I believe that I have the skills, knowledge and capital that the office of assessor currently needs. If elected, I am willing to become a certified licensed appraiser and see to it the other staff in the department also have the necessary certifications. My job as appraiser would be to treat every taxpayer fairly, understand lands and the processes of the office.

If you have any questions, please feel free to stop me on the street and ask questions.

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