Sheriff Randy Adams

Hello folks it’s that time again, election time and I am honored to have another opportunity to serve the citizens of Mineral County.

Anyway for those of you who might not know me, my name is Randy Adams and I have been the sheriff here in Mineral County for the last three plus years. I have been a public servant here in Mineral County for 22 years without a break in service and I have been a resident of Mineral County since 1969. I started my public service here at the Sheriff’s Office in 1996 where I worked for about 14 years when I resigned as a sergeant and went to work for the juvenile probation department. I worked with juvenile probation for about five years when I ran for sheriff and was successfully elected in 2014.

I received numerous hours of training and experience in my first 14 years that developed me into a professional law enforcement officer. In the following five years I received additional training in law enforcement but more importantly I gained invaluable knowledge in the area of administration within the law enforcement realm. With the experience, training and knowledge I have gained over the past three years as your sheriff I feel comfortable in saying I am a professional law enforcement administrator, which is exactly what the office of the sheriff is.

Some people mistakenly believe the office of the sheriff is just another deputies position and that is a common misconception. When you’re the sheriff, long gone are the days of going through doors and making traffic stops. As sheriff my job is to make sure all the personnel have the tools they need to make the stops and safely go through the doors. This includes the training and equipment as well as a decent place to do all the work that goes along with law enforcement in general. Then there is budgeting, budget strategies, liability abatement, personnel management, local government management, state government associations’ management etc, etc, etc. You get the picture, not near as exciting as my younger years of going through doors and making stops but I find a great deal of satisfaction in doing this job and doing it well.

We have been working diligently since we came in the office three years ago to do exactly what I was describing above. We started by removing eight 40-foot roll-off dumpsters worth of garbage and junk from in and around the facility, yes I said eight 40-footers. After that we moved forward right in to relocating the dispatch center to a larger room with windows and a door. This might not sound like much but imagine working in a 10×10 room with no exterior windows or doors and little ventilation along with eight computers and monitors. People would get sick for months at a time. The dispatch center is now a state of the art center that is approximately time and a half as large with only four computers that handle all the same functions with exterior sunlight and air. When we did the dispatch center we also made the detention workspace substantially larger than it was, making a better work environment for our detention division as well. This was approximately a $50,000 move but we were able to make it happen with only an additional $3,000 from the county.

We continued to move forward from there to bringing in one of the most advanced computer aided dispatch systems on the market that ties in the dispatch center with the jail booking system as well as the deputies report writing system. This system was also purchased without using any additional tax payer dollars above our regular budget. During this early time we also brought in an electronic traffic management system to include PDA electronic citation writing devices. The traffic management system was 100 percent funded by a grant. This was also when we started cleaning up and reorganizing our evidence vault and were able to trade out old firearms to firearms dealers for new firearms for our department at no cost to our taxpayers.

Moving forward from there we got started on writing grants and were able to get a grant for a new fire alarm system for the entire county justice complex. We have since written numerous grants amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. We brought a kiosk into our lobby for people to electronically add money to their family member’s books when they are incarcerated and it can also be used to post bail. This is not only convenient for family members but it also frees up countless man hours in our detention division.

Moving forward, we have updated our fleet of vehicles with seven new vehicles and two used vehicles in the past three years. Through some creative budgeting and grants we have been able to bring these vehicles into the department fully paid for without using any additional monies above our normal budget. This is huge as nine of the last ten vehicles brought into the department in the eight years before us were financed and the county made large payments every year above and beyond the normal sheriff’s office budget.

We continued to move forward and recently upgraded the radio system to the same system the State of Nevada uses. We received approximately $250,000 worth of equipment from the state to make this happen. Not only is it the best radio system any of us has ever used but we were able to bring it to the office with little to no money above our regular budget.

We are moving forward right now in getting our drug incinerator up and functioning. We were able to get the Attorney General’s Office to give us this drug incinerator completely free of charge and the funding to have it installed. When completed this will be an approximate $50,000 project all at no cost to our taxpayers, just one example of having good relationships with state agencies.

We have also been concentrating on providing the best law enforcement services we can to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of Mineral County as well as its visitors. We train as often as possible and we try to train with other agencies in our area. We invite our Walker River Tribal Police to train with us whenever possible and have agreements in place to ensure that we will be available to each other whenever either of us would have a need. Our tribal police also have full access to the information provided by our dispatch center. We have also been training with our local base and have additional training coming in the near future. We recently shared our knowledge through training with our local hospital staff as well as our entire school district. We started a School Resource Officer program and plan to have that position back in the schools in the coming weeks as staffing permits.

On top of all that I have mentioned above we have taken the war on drugs to the dealers and users with a zero tolerance approach. We have increased our drug trafficking arrests by 113 percent, our drug sales arrest by 173 percent and DUI’s by 68 percent over the previous three years prior to the start of my term as sheriff.

These are just some of the things we have been doing while I have been your sheriff. We have more to do and I would love the opportunity to continue our good works as your sheriff for the next four years. Let’s keep moving forward, vote to Keep Randy Adams for Mineral County Sheriff.

Thank You,

Sheriff Randy Adams

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