Courtesy photo
Mineral County Dream Team members pause for a group “selfie” while cleaning the bathroom at the junior high school over winter break.

Facing the New Year with an eye for improvement, a small group of Mineral County students took to the junior high school bathrooms, as another Dream Team project began.

School Counselor Kathy Trujillo welcomed all volunteers to begin scraping and assisting with the preparation necessary to paint the boys and girl’s bathrooms.

“This is just another way of creating a new sense of respect and well-being within our school site,” Trujillo said. “When things look nice, our students need to act nice and appreciate that this effort came from within their own fellow student’s efforts. This can provide a nice environment for our junior high school students to utilize and feel respected.”

Trujillo also said graffiti would not be tolerated in the future and regular inspections would be done to eliminate it as it is done.

Volunteers included Seriah Reyes, Junior High Student Council Secretary; Sophia Castillo-Trujillo, an active member of the Dream Team; and seniors Alyjah Dotson and Emmalee Going.

These volunteers were found with scrapers, surrounded by newly installed sinks and new stall locks that were reinstalled after prior incidents of disrespect had spurred a temporary removal.

Career and Technical Education Director Debbie Morgan Hackford worked with the Dream Team students to select new colors of varied blue tones, which will be done with the assistance of Tom Gallegos, maintenance director and his team of employees.

Existing mirrors will be retained and a discussion of new flooring was also slated for discussion in this student-driven remodel.