Commissioner highlights from the Mineral County Board of Commissioners meeting of Nov. 9

Safety message

Emergency Manager Pat Hughes gave a safety message in regards to Thanksgiving safety.

Public comment

Adam Greenfield gave public comment regarding being placed on the commissioner’s agenda. He wanted to know why he wasn’t on the agenda. Clerk-Treasurer Chris Nepper stated he was sent a letter to his post office box that the item was removed. Was advised that the district attorney was not present. He stated he would take it up with legal counsel.

Lawrence Worthen from Walker Lake wanted to discuss the bighorn ram in that community. Discussion of Worthen shooting a snake on his property and got a warning from the sheriff’s office. Michael Guss gave comment regarding an old code on the Mineral County books. Commissioner Jerrie Tipton asked Guss if he would like to go through the old codes and show the commissioners which ones are outdated, etc.

BLM update

Kenneth Collum, Stillwater Field Manager for the BLM Carson City Office, explained to the commissioners if any of the BLM specialists are needed, please let him know. Commissioner Jerrie Tipton asked Collum about Marietta. She asked about a mining claim and the mill site. These people have begun to “pilfer” items at these sites.

Updates from Collum: Ormat is ramping up at the Wild Rose geothermal plant; Geothermal lease sale – no bids on the Mineral County properties; Rawhide expansion is working on further studies; Isabella Pearl (met with BLM) and they need to get draft environmental assessment of new well area; Teel’s Marsh (Dajin) has put in plan of operations and notice to explore; Walker Lake Boat Ramp working with Eric Hamrey and an OHV map was handed out.

Business licenses

The following business licenses for Mineral County were approved: Sierra Drywall, Inc. (James Warnick) and Quality Tile & Marble Co., Inc. (Wes Tews).

Klondex Mina

Mark Nixon, Mineral County Regional Planning Commission Chairman met with the commissioners in regards to a special use permit application for Klondex Aurora Mines Inc. (owners Mike Doolin and Barry Dahl).

Nixon explained that there will be road maintenance involved. Public Works Director Eric Hamrey stated he did not like the language of Klondex’s road agreement.

Commissioner Tipton read into record the recommendation from the planning commission regarding the road maintenance.

Hamrey will work on the agreement with Klondex.

Northern Nevada Asset Holdings

Nixon met with the commissioners in regards to a land use application/variance request by Mac Potter, Northern Nevada Asset Holdings, LLC for a steel, two sided 10’6” x 36’ solar lighted sigh on parcel APN: 001-422-03.

This sign is on private property and Nixon stated the planning commission is okay with the decision for the signage.

Harold Dimmick explained that when the parcel number is listed – that the address should also be listed on the agenda item.

Western Nevada Development District

Ronald Radil from Western Nevada Development District met with the commissioners to discuss comprehensive economic development strategy input from Mineral County. The purpose of the WNDD project/initiative listing to be included to WNDD Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. Discussion of USDA grant funding and projects that county may want to begin. Commissioner Tipton asked that an item on the first December meeting regarding this.

11th District Court

Honorable Judge Jim Shirley met with the commissioners regarding fiscal year 2017 refund from Eleventh Judicial District Court: AB 207 juries selection requirements and appointment of counsel as required by SB 433 guardianships and SB305 child abuse proceedings.

Judge Shirley stated that the refund back to the county will be over $48,000. After the redistricting, the 11th District Mineral County budget was set at $395,476. The district only approximately $347,000.

He discussed the retirement of Curtis Schlepp and the part that the county will need to pay part of his PERS, etc.

Recorder-Auditor Hoferer asked why the metal detector outside the courthouse is not used. District Attorney Rowe stated that the safety of the building is the job of the sheriff.

Judge Shirley explained that during jury trials, a deputy should be positioned inside and outside of the courtroom.

Cichowlaz asked where the refund will be applied. The monies go back into the general fund.

Judge Shirley discussed AB207 Juries Selection Requirement bill, SB 433 guardianships and SB 305 child abuse proceedings.

A report of Mineral County juvenile being housed in Churchill County and as to where they will be housed if Churchill County is full.

Sale of APN: 05-250-03

George and Tania Pomeroy met with the commissioners to petition the sale of 4051-4053 Highway 95, Schurz, APN: 05-250-03. Commissioner Tipton explained that there are back taxes owed on the property.

Commissioner Price said, “God bless her if they want it.”

The commissioners agreed to sell the property. It will be advertised at the clerk’s request.

Mineral County Code 3.34

The first reading by title only of ordinance proposing to amend Mineral County Code 3.34 to increase the 911 surcharge from 25¢ to $1 per telephone line per year.

District Attorney Rowe explained the background on this issue.

Gladys Roark of Walker Lake noted that this cost would hit her house $4 per month.

Discharge of firearms

District Attorney Rowe handed out information to those in attendance. He discussed that this was brought up after residents of Walker Lake brought it to the commissioners.

Roark explained that this ordinance had already been passed under Sheriff Hefty Sanderson.

Sheri Samson explained that so much stuff within the county is not being documented correctly and she doesn’t understand why.

Dimmick discussed private shooting ranges up Corey Canyon.

County communication

Commissioner Hegg put on the agenda an item for consideration and possible action relative to forming a policy or resolution to mandate all managers or their designated management representatives to inform their commissioner liaisons of any contact to outside agencies, state officials and offices, media and any other organizations or entities of which communication comprises of any non-routine day-to-day job-function interaction.

Hegg said that this is because the county needs a unified communication approach. He read a statement into record.

Rowe gave his comments regarding this agenda item. Different discussions of scenarios as to when managers should communicate.

Tipton wanted a reminder sent out to department heads regarding this item.

Building administrator

Review of 2017 board of county commissioners approved business-related construction, creation or modifications relating to any known issues the building administrator is aware of for all stoppages and/or delays preventing their completion and the why.

Building Administrator Mike Fontaine explained that everything is current. He talked about the Verizon tower and the Motel 6 building.


Clerk-Treasurer Chris Nepper explained that Dev-Net would like to start sending the county ‘modules’ and the need for a server are great.

Discussion between IT Director Towe, Recorder-Auditor Hoferer and Clerk-Treasurer Nepper was had regarding price and the fund of where the server money would be taken from.

Public comment

Recorder-Auditor Hoferer stated that the Walker Lake uproar is being caused by a disgruntled volunteer and that the county at no time have said to stop services at any of the Mineral County towns.

Dimmick wanted it to be known that the Armory Building flag needs to be taken down because it is not lit at night nor taken down at night as it should be.

Commissioner Tipton stated that a “letter” has come down to counties for those who use PILT funding. She stated that Commissioner Price will sign it and an agenda item is on the next agenda.