One local Hawthorne business owner was seeking to be more than a just another service station when he decided to use his enterprising platform to embrace the community spirit by giving to local teens in a solid way.

On-site manager, Sarah Favero, explained, “The owner of Scotty’s Sinclair is already a giving man, but once the need of local high school funding was acknowledged he decided to strongly address one entity of need, which was the Booster Club, by donating “a penny a gallon” based upon the gas sold at that location every month.”

Favero explained that the monthly donation varies according to seasonal gasoline sales and the owner will generally round up to the nearest dollar amount. Summertime sales were quite healthy due to local events, vacationers and added travelers filling-up, whereas the school year can still bring in hundreds to the Booster Club monthly, as locals continue to support the Scotty’s Sinclair effort to give back into the community in this unique manner.

Favero herself relocated from the Reno/Sparks area after working in the hospitality field at such resorts as Boomtown, Atlantis, the old Pioneer Inn and other established steak houses within the food and beverage industry.

“I was working for the same owner at Black Rock Pizza in Sparks when he offered me the chance run his two businesses in Hawthorne. At first, though I couldn’t bear to move to a one-horse town, I also knew I was ready to go back to small town living and this area has met my needs. This is an amazing place and I have so many wonderful friendships created here.”

Favero works beside Sunny, her assistant manager of the operations and she praises her staff for their devotion toward customer service.

“We are a team here,” Favero stated, “and we are all part of your community, so it is important that we contribute in what little way we can. All of us want to see Hawthorne grow and for visitors to be encouraged to come through our town, to enjoy what businesses offer. I am nestled in to stay, so I continue to look toward the positives and to see plans of improvement open, which can move us all forward.”