Sheri Samson photos
Teachers aides Tahlyah McFalls, Elizabeth Vessels and Theresa Talamantes are new to Schurz Elementary School this year.

As the five Schurz Elementary School teachers review their classroom setting, each one is vitally aware of an added bonus given to allow their teaching experience to be a success. In a privileged response to this year’s teaching journey, each para-professional assigned to assist as aides in the 2017-18 school year were acknowledged by Principal Mike Domagala and staff members in an effort of applauding the group effort that is needed for a powerful school year.

“In our combo class of first and second graders, our enrollment exceeded what it has been in previous years. When you combine that, with the addition of our special needs children within the classrooms, it requires extra assistance – especially in a full-sized classroom. Any teacher welcomes the added eyes, ears and hands to be more effective in teaching every child properly. To us, every student matters. We have to be equipped with the help they need to learn and our Aides help out in many ways,” stated Principal Domagala.

Teacher Christy Grant, was joined by Marge Sanchez, Special Ed Aide and employee with the school district for 21 years and Amy Kennison, a “Read by Third” Aide, who floats between the kindergarten through second grade classrooms. Kennison expressed her aspirations to become a teacher as she enjoys the learning environment and assisting the children.

Dawna Fernando, Aide for Special Ed children within the lower grades, also worked within a varied classroom setting as needed the most.

New to the school this year, Tahlyah McFalls is the Title One Aide, assisting teacher Theresa Talamantes in the third and fourth grade combo classes and Elizabeth Vessels teaching a fifth and sixth grade classroom. McFalls is currently in college and has plans to pursue a career in Forensic Science.