The Hawthorne Convention Center received a donation from Hawthorne’s El Capitan Casino to complete the remaining three, sound absorption panels within the main room. This completes a set of six nostalgic, artistically rendered panels composed by local artistic David Bowen of Walker Lake. Mike McNeill, from the Convention Center, expressed his gratitude as completion was done in time for the Armed Forces weekend of visitors.

Terry Rideout, El Capitan Manager, was on hand for the presentation, taking time to pose before one patriotic panel portraying the “big flag” and Veteran’s Park.

The El Cap remains involved within the community and has contributed to many local projects. The recent opening of the Travel Lodge, with renovated rooms and a new decor has added to the exterior changes completed at the casino over the last year.

“The El Cap is happy to assist in such a historic part of Mineral County as the USO building. We are glad to be part of the patriotic theme for visitors that come into our town and they will be arriving soon for Armed Forces weekend,” Rideout shared.

McNeill stated that the USO building will be open for tours during the Armed Forces week and for many special events as posted on the outside signage. The community is encouraged to come in to see the new sound panels and take pictures of their special remembrances.