Russell Palmer

Russell Palmer passed on Jan. 9 in Tucson, Ariz. He was born to Dwella and Harold Palmer in New Castle, Pa. on Sept. 7, 1944. They both preceded him in death.

He moved to Tucson, Ariz. where he received most of his schooling. He worked in the mines around the area. He also served as a DJ for friends and parties. In Tucson, he met his first wife, Sandra Finerd (Carey). He loved rock and roll, Nascar, rodeo and other sports. He was proud that his birthday was the same as Buddy Holley’s.

He moved to Hawthorne to try to get work at one of the mines. But he landed a job as an explosives operator at the local military base. He continued his hobbies of DJ, Nascar, and filming at the local stock car races. He started his own landscaping business with his nephew, David Clark and did quite well.

He suffered many health problems from 1991 to 2011. Thru it all, he remained a real trooper. He had many friends and I never knew him to have an enemy. He is survived by his wife, Glenda and first wife, Sandra. A brother: Ron, daughters: Kim, Pam and a son, Russell, Jr. He had five grandchildren and six great grand children.

Memorial service was held at the home of Don and Carol Locklear.

Donations can be made to: Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, 230 East Ohio Street, Suite 304, Chicago, IL 60611-3201. It is a hereditary disease and it is what took the lives of both his parents.