Sheri Samson
Hawthorne’s Madeline Bennett has been singing competitively since seventh grade.

As a junior in high school, Madeline Bennett stepped before the Northern Nevada Zone adjudicators review board to sing her solo rendition of an 1800’s French song entitled “The Gathering Rose” by Cesar Franck. Accompanied by Katherine Kaler on the piano, Bennett sang the Aria not only in French, but with a clear soprano voice which earned her number one in her medal of accomplishment this year.

The review was based upon aspects such as vocal technique, accuracy, sound quality and interpretation of the songs concept. As part of the Nevada Music Educators Association, Bennett’s participation at the Damonte Ranch High School opportunity in Reno was part of her personal goal in someday reaching the “command performance” stage at state level. Once she reaches that stage, she will be progressing into the national levels with her solo work. Receiving a number one was the best score out of a five point system, which was the best achievement she could’ve imagined.

As a second year returning soloist, she proudly wore last year’s medal next to her new top success. Her goal in 2018 will be to finally reach the next phase into the command performances, as these events encompass everything musically for students, from brass to stringed instruments, soloist to ensemble groups.

“I have always sang, but my first competitive singing was with my seventh grade honor choir in Hawthorne. I enjoy singing in front of people and have sang the National Anthem many times at events. At this last annual review in Reno, I got to represent Mineral County High School in the solo and vocal ensemble level. Each time I step up to sing, I feel I get better with it, which helps with my nerves too,” Bennett confided.

Being raised in Hawthorne her entire life, Bennett is currently home schooled, taking all honors classes, while also being enrolled in sports and music at Mineral County High School. As a busy athlete, she has lettered in softball, while also enjoying basketball and volleyball. As a strong swimmer, Bennett will soon be pursuing a summer life-guard position once she passes the required classes.

Other hobbies include playing the alto saxophone, guitar and piano. Bennett said she took the musical lead from her father, Jim, who played the trumpet.

“It was easy to see that music was my daughter’s main direction and her competitive spirit could only help. We just continue to support her dreams and her interests,” shared Bennett’s mother, Debbie.

Bennett shared her excitement for the school’s music program returning and looks forward to the opportunities ahead for the choir and band classes, both of which she attends.