local-student-honoredIt is not an easy process to find that the Nevada Educational Department, located in Carson City, accepted a piece of Mineral County artwork, which will remain on display indefinitely within their museum. This honor was recently given to student Chris Pelletier for his “serpent-colored” dinosaur, which was completely designed and logically put together from a kit.

Pelletier is a student of Mike Harris, who submitted the piece for consideration because of the uniquely inspired color format and because of the skill the piece required.

“He is a construction pro, even painting the parts before it was together. As a student with some limitations, he took all the intricate parts and put it together without help. Our class celebrated his accomplishment and wanted it shared beyond Mineral County.”

As a SPED student, which basically stands for Special Education and those that require provisional educational fulfillment due to an extreme disability or functioning level, this was an amazing accomplishment.

At 16, Pelletier shared that he picked the Serpent Pride colors because he “is a Serpent and always a Serpent”. He runs on the high school track team and with his tall stature he shared his love for the sport, sharing he can run really fast. He also loves baseball and soccer as a sport to watch or play for fun. His other hobbies were cooking and computer games, but again he came back to being a Serpent and his pride in wearing that label.