Betty Jean “Suzi” WEBB was born on May 18, 1928 to Edith Quinlin and Walter McAdams in Latrobe, Pa. When Mom was still an infant, Edith married William Clarke Jones so mom used his surname. Mom always hated the names, Betty or Jean or BettyJean, so during the 1970’s and the rise of the CB, Mom purchased a CB for her car and utilized the CB name, Suzi Q, later shortening to Suzi, of which she was well known amongst family and friends.

Suzi was very frugal with every aspect of life. She talked constantly of growing up poor during the Great Depression, and how they often survived off of the land, growing their own food during the summer and canning it for the winter. During the winter she and her sisters would push their little red wagon down a very steep hill about a half a mile and collect coal that had fallen off of the coal trains that had past.

As a teenager, she worked in a glass factory to help with the finances of the family. Then on an invite from one of her sisters to California she boarded a Greyhound bus and headed to Southern California, where she met a sailor and was married of which brought into this world six children, Donna; Doretta; Robbie: Steve; Darren and Eldon. In March 1959 tragedy hit the family with the death of Robbie, and the family had to move out of the area for the health of mom.

The family moved to Bishop, Calif. then to Benton Calif. to Mina and eventually moving to Hawthorne in 1970 where Suzi passed away at her home on Dec. 7, 2016.

Mom was well known as a waitress during the 1980’s and 90’s at the El Capitan Restaurant and Casino until her retirement on her birthday in 2000. After her retirement, Suzi became active with the Care and Share, where she help lead exercise classes and enjoyed eating lunch and poking fun with her friends of the Care and Share.

Suzi is preceded in death by her parents, sisters and brother, her husband, Louie Webb, son Robert (Robbie) and daughter Donna Jarwin. She is survived by her children: Doretta Hinton (Vern), Steve Webb (Karen), Darren Webb (Frosty) and Eldon Webb Sr. 22 grandchildren, 50 great grandchildren and 20 great-great grandchildren along with cousins and nieces.

Her final resting place is the Hawthorne, Cemetery, Hawthorne.